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Overwhelmed by Beauty: The World of Morihitomi Art

The World of Mori Hitomi Art: The Only Three-Dimensional Plant Embroidery Artist in Japan

An exhibition of works by three-dimensional embroidery artist Mori Hitomi is being held at the Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka. Please do visit.

You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed and moved by its worldview! When we talk about plant embroidery made by her, it’s about three-dimensional embroidery, not flat embroidery.

Can you see from the image how every tiny leaf, stem, petal, and even the roots, stamens, pistils, and pollen are represented three-dimensionally with extremely fine embroidery thread?


But the more you look, the more you wonder how it’s made.

The delicate gradations of color captivate your heart with the realistic charm of tiny flowers that seem as if they’ve just emerged from a natural forest.


The works include brooches, necklaces, and “Kush bags” adorned with beautiful three-dimensional embroidered flowers, among others. Wearing just one piece adds an overflow of gentleness to your attire.

I first met Hitomi-san when she and her husband, Hiroshi Mori, joined us as founding members of Minten.
Despite creating such magnificent works, she was very reserved when we first met, saying, “This is just a hobby, so I have no intention of showing it to the public.”
However, I could only envision a future where Hitomi-san and her works would soar internationally.

The excellence of her work gradually became known to others, leading to exhibitions at Canal City in Fukuoka, and then last year, at the Kochi Prefectural Makino Tomitaro Memorial Museum, which gained attention through a morning drama series.
Now, her work is going to be exhibited at the Hankyu Umeda Main Store.

Hitomi-san was an ordinary housewife.
But now she is different.
I am convinced that her art will spread across the world.

Location: Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 10F “Umeda Souk”

Period: March 6th (Wednesday) to March 12th (Tuesday) *The last day ends at 4 pm

There will also be a workshop taught by Mori Hitomi herself! (Reservation required)